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of those orders came from the united states. the facebook is the latest technology company to release information about its customers. microsoft and google have done the same. >>> george zimmerman's lawyer wants the state of florida to pay $300,000 of his legal fees. he reportedly said that last night. since zimmerman is acquitted state law requires florida to pay for his legal costs. he was acquitted of all charges including second-degree murder of the shooting death aftertrayvon martin last year. >>> miss want your help to find a bank robbery suspect with bad hair. it happened in chase bank in palo alto after the suspect handed a teller a note. the suspect was 5-foot 11 waist 160-pound and has waist long brown frizzy hair. they don't know if it was a man or a woman. he was wearing black to, khaki pants and a black baseball cap. >>> they are hoping a surveillance video will help a dramatic smash and grab robbery at tiffany's. six people were gathering in the lot and two men were seen taking license plates off what police believe was the get away car. police are looking for throw sepa
on monitoring cockpit technology. ntsb has not yet determined what caused the asiana or ups crash. >>> police need your help tracking down a man that attacked a woman. janine de la vega joining us live from santa clara this morning. that warning has been sent out to people connected with the campus, janine. >> reporter: yes, 9:has. summer school is about to end here. there are still students here roaming around. campus police did put out an alert letting the students and staff know about a woman who was sexually assaulted on the edge of campus temperature the sexual predator is described as a white man and he is six feet to six feet two inches tall. 200 pounds with an athletic build. he has light brown hazel eyes and dirty blond hair with a foe hawk. he was clean shaven and has a narrow pointed nose. on wednesday night shortly after midnight a woman was walking on franklin street when the suspect approached her sexually assaulted her, and then ran away. police are not releasing whether or not the victim was a student. this is the latest in a number of attacks on women in the past month and a
with stanford and other major universities on the technology for those self- driving cars. >>> time is 6:22. flames from the rim fire moving closer to the hetch hetchy reservoir. how big is the fire this morning? how air quality is effected. and is your drinking water still okay? >>> it is the terrible that everyone is talking about. >>> welcome back. time now 6:25. specially trained dogs are being used at sfo to sniff out a california threat. beagles at the airport have been trained to find citrus fruit even leaves that travelers might have in their luggage. california is trying to keep out a dangerous pest. it originated in asia. it spreads a disease that kills citrus trees. >> we have a very large fresh market citrus industry here. and our industry just can't abide this disease. killing the citrus and trees. >> travelers are being asked not to brick in any citrus from overseas. so far only one disease tree has been found in california. and that was last year. >>> torquing is now making its way into the oxford english dictionary. the latest dance craze made headlines after miley cyrus
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3